Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stitches Swap

In our society, it is much more easy to talk about things that are talkable about. By that, I mean things that are nice to hear. When someone is having a difficult time, or has been through hardships, they oftentimes feel uncomfortable bringing it up in conversation. For instance, how many times have you genuinely asked someone how they were doing, knowing for certain they were not doing well, and they force a smile and say, “Oh, yeah, I’m great!”

Why are they lying? Because it’s socially acceptable to lie, and not socially acceptable to express how you are feeling. I feel this way when it comes to talking about anything that might be considered “dark;” we just don’t talk about it. Instead, we repress it; we hide these dark feelings and thoughts and experiences away into some hidden incubator, where they grow and flourish (later to be inevitable brought up again as a much uglier monster).

I think something should be done about this; like either writing a popular ebook, or creating a safe place in each city where people can openly talk about what is going on in their lives. We could call it, “Stitches Swap,” or something of the like.

I just think our society needs a revolution in how we interact with and relate to one another; we make ourselves feel outcasted because we all act like our lives are so perfect (on social media, for example), that when someone’s life isn’t perfect (usually people’s aren’t), they feel like they are all alone and really failing.

Let’s open up together, “Stitches Swap,” and let’s be real; real talk.